El e-Manifest ACE-lerate | Manifeste électronique ACE-lerate


The e-Manifest is the electronic document used to describe freight information to customs officials prior to a shipment arriving at a border.

e-Manifests must be submitted to United States and Canadian customs authorities prior to border crossing to facilitate the flow of legitimate trade. Transition to the e-Manifest has increased border security by the:

  • ability to pre-screen shipments
  • early identification of high-risk shipments

ACE-lerate has three major benefits:

  • e-Manifest for Trucks and e-Manifest for Marine Carriers
    A quick and easy automated cargo document (e-manifest) can be created for carriers required to submit to customs prior to a trucks arrival at the border
  • Predictable System for Cargo Reporting
    Quicker processing for border officers mean shipments move along faster
  • New Homeland Security Features
    Enhanced security at the border through improved tracking and research capabilities

e-Manifest Types

e-Manifest is a multi-modal initiative, and ACE-lerate facilitates trucking and marine declaration options

The advance submission of manifest data by truck carriers is required both at the Northern border (USA-Canada) and Southern border (USA-Mexico)

Marine participants to transmit manifest data electronically prior to vessel arrival. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) can then determine in advance whether the merchandise warrants examination or immediate release.


The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) is the U.S. trade processing system of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to automate border processing and to enhance border security.


The Advance Commercial Information (ACI) program is the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) eManifest requirement. This requirement allows the CBSA to effectively identify threats to Canada's health, safety, and security prior to the arrival of cargo and conveyances in Canada.

Key Benefits

ACE-to-ACI Collaboration:
ACE-lerate e-Manifest Portal users that subscribe to both the ACE and ACI module have the added benefit of our eManifest Conversion Tool. For every eManifest created, the tool will create a mirrored conveyance/trip for the return!
This feature is a key benefit to having both ACI and ACE on the same system, allowing carriers to save time, reduce workloads and eliminate clerical errors that may occur with repetitive data entry.

For more information on ACE-lerate, please contact customerservice@nmfta.org.