ClassIT® Web Service is a programmable interface that allows machine-to-machine interaction over the Internet using predefined (programmed) methods, which permits computer systems to talk with each other without user intervention.

It is the National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC®) commodities data offered as a cloud service for systems integration where NMFTA provides an advanced hosted search engine to deliver the NMFC commodities data thereby freeing the subscriber from all the expenses associated with NMFC content management, server hardware, security, disaster recovery, and staffing. All you have to do is simply subscribe to the ClassIT Web Service and tie it into your systems.

ClassIT Web Service is based on the SOAP 1.1 standard using standard XML delivered over HTTPS. This configuration of ClassIT is found to be most beneficial for the subscriber.
  • By using SOAP, ClassIT Web Service is implementation neutral, allowing it to be used by a wide variety of programming languages and operating systems.
  • By using HTTPS, all the interactions are conducted securely overly the Internet via encrypted channels.
  • By using XML, which is a neutral data standard, the web service can be used with any database product.
Thus, ClassIT Web Service provides the subscriber the versatility to integrate classification information into its own internal systems with ease.

Management methods are available to assist with transaction accounting and usage statistics. ClassIT Web Service also includes extensive sample code and documentation to assist you in integrating the web service into your company’s own internal systems.

Specifically, ClassIT Web Service allows subscribers to incorporate NMFC index and article search, and item summary retrieval functionality, directly into their computer systems via the same powerful and reliable search engine that powers ClassIT and ClassIT Mobile. For example, the product can be integrated with billing systems to pull detailed NMFC item descriptions, including headings and related Notes for freight bills or corrected bills resulting from Weighing & Research (W&R) activities.

ClassIT Web Service includes the same search engine benefits, such as global synonyms managed by the Freight Classification Development Council (FCDC), advanced search expressions such as Boolean and proximity searches, sub-second search response times, and many other benefits.

ClassIT Web Service is licensed on an annual subscription based on the number of service transactions per month. For more information, contact us directly at or 1.800.539.5720.