ClassIT® Mobile is the mobile phone version of the NMFC® publication. Taking ClassIT one step further out of your offices into the field where you need it, ClassIT Mobile allows you to search the Index to Articles and Articles Sections of the National Motor Freight Classification® directly from your smartphone’s web browser.

It has the same fast, flexible search engine with the embedded search terms as the online version of ClassIT, but now the information is even more easily accessible. As with ClassIT, when you enter a search word or term, ClassIT Mobile also displays the results from Index to Articles and Articles section in two tabs on the screen. To view an item, you simply tap the hyperlinked description or item number and the item and its relevant headings and Notes will be displayed. Or if you already know the item number, then simply enter the number into the search field and the full text of the item, its headings, and Notes will be displayed.

Need to determine the density of a shipment before it leaves your dock? With the integrated density calculator, determining a handling unit’s density is fast and easy, just enter the extreme dimensions and total weight. Current ClassIT subscribers are able to access ClassIT Mobile at no additional cost. Simply login using the same username and password as your ClassIT account. As with your ClassIT account, you may only be active at one location at a time. There is no need to download any applications to use ClassIT Mobile. Current ClassIT subscribers can just go to and sign in using their smartphone. Click here to view a product overview video. Click here to view an in-depth product tutorial video.

Purchase a subscription to ClassIT and get access to ClassIT Mobile at no additional cost. Order 2 or more ClassIT licenses and receive a discount!

Contact NMFTA's Sales Department via email or 1.800.539.5720.

ClassIT is the most powerful and cost-effective tool available to help you unlock the power of the NMFC and it’s available on your smartphone!

Supported Devices:
  • Blackberry (OS version 5.0 and above)
  • Android
  • iPhone