Executive Director

Debbie Ruane Sparks

Assistant Executive Director

William Mascaro

NMFTA Administration

Leslie Tate
Finance and HR Manager
Latressa Cross
Finance and HR Assistant Manager
Kamilah Alamin
Finance and HR Assistant
Christian Arraya
Product and Services Sales Manager
Debra Timlick
SCAC and Operations Support Manager
Alexis Yelverton
Customer Service Representative
Colleen Airgood
Meeting Coordinator
Odimar Morales
Membership and Events Assistant

Information Technology Group

John Talieri
Chief Technology Officer
Chad Fung
Network Engineering Manager
Patricia Haddad
Software Engineering Manager
Holly Taylor
Senior Technical Writer
Tim Varnasup
Network Engineer

Freight Classification Development Council

Joel Ringer
Chairman, FCDC
Lisa O'Donnell
Vice Chairman, FCDC
George Beck
Member, FCDC
Allison Austin
Member, FCDC
Larissa Franklin
Classification Specialist
Ashley Gencarelli
Senior Research Analyst
Adam Mercer
Senior Research Analyst
Angela Li
Research Analyst
Jeffrey Cooper
Interpretations Manager
Antoine Weaver
Classification Assistant

General Counsel

Claire Shapiro

NMFTA Consultants

Ben Gardiner
Senior Cybersecurity Research Engineer
Erin Topper
FCDC Packaging Consultant