Anyone or any group may propose amendments to the NMFC®. Proposals must be filed in writing, and the Freight Classification Development Council (FCDC) provides suitable forms for this purpose.

All proposals to amend the NMFC are noticed in a docket at least 30 days in advance of the public meeting where they will be considered by the FCDC. Anyone having an interest can attend these meetings and/or submit comments and information in writing.

The Public Docket Files

Each proposal along with relevant facts, data and evidence are contained in a public docket file. The public files are organized by docket and subject numbers, and each file is indexed for ease of reference.

Dispositions of Proposals

In making decisions on proposals, the FCDC is guided by:

  • The public docket file;
  • The regulatory and legal standards and precedent relevant to the reasonableness of classification provisions;
  • Relevant classification precedent, where applicable;
  • Principles of procedural fairness as set forth in the FCDC's procedures and the arguments of the parties based on the public file; and
  • The FCDC's policies and directives as contained in the public file.

FCDC dispositions of docketed proposals are made at the public meetings.