Are you a carrier whose business stalls while you wait for Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS) barcode labels? You get your Standard Carrier Alpha Codes(SCAC®) from NMFTA but have to go to a special printing company to get the barcode labels required by U.S. Customs. Are your trucks often stuck at the Canadian/U.S. border because you didn’t have PAPS labels that worked! Not anymore!

NMFTA now lets you save time, money and stress, with direct ordering of all your PAPS barcode labels. When you apply for, or renew your SCAC, you can order your barcode labels at the same time. Or, if your code is still valid and you want quality barcode labels quickly that are guaranteed to get you across the border faster, order online, and your labels will be printed, shipped and in your hands in just a few days. It’s one-stop shopping at its fastest, easiest and best.

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